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On Stage. Touring & Services for Performers

David is an experienced performer, touring musician and music arranger.

Touring drummer, David Alderdice performs on his 'symphonic' drum kit, with the Celtic ensemble Feast.

  • Touring – David is easy-going and ready to offer his best on the road with your project.
  • Coaching & Consulting – for bands & ensembles, improving dancer & drummer synergy, building a rhythm section for composers/singers/performers
  • Arranging and scores – written music and percussion parts for songs, scores, symphonies, ensembles
  • Technical Help – tuning / set-up / sound proofing / misc. technical

Touring ^

David is a professional touring drummer, capable of precision and improvisation in many musical styles. He’ll learn your music quickly via rehearsal, audio or sheet music.

Coaching & Consulting ^

David offers his coaching and consulting skills in a variety of contexts and applications:

  • Marching drum lines, percussion ensembles, jazz bands, concert bands, and dance bands

    • For public schools, private groups, and community ensembles.
  • Dancers and drummers

    • How to build a better relationship and vocabulary between motion and sound and each other, ideal for dance troupes wanting a better connection with their inner rhythm, their drummers, the traditional rhythms, and their art.
  • Groups of all kinds

    • How to work better as a group and how to really listen, work, and play together as an ensemble and a team. Great for team building and learning how to trust, feel comfortable, and have fun with one another. Improves a group’s ability to be fully independent and at the same time feel how each part fits perfectly and indispensably with in the whole.
  • Composers, arrangers, and singer / songwriters

    • How to work with rhythm, write for percussion instruments in a stylistically appropriate manner and how to communicate with and find a rhythm section.
  • Improvisation on your perspective instrument

    • Get comfortable improvising by yourself and in musical group situations. David works well with classical musicians who want to put down the sheet music and gain confidence with improvisation.

Arranging & Scores^

Written music and percussion parts for bands, songs, scores, symphonies, and ensembles

Technical Help^

David is available for general and /or specific drumming and rhythm help. He will help with the setting up, re-heading, and / or tuning of a drumset, the tuning of hand drums, the sound proofing of a practice room, rehearsal space, or recording studio, finding a percussion teacher in your area, finding a percussion player in your area, and the answering of any drum, percussion, or rhythm related questions you might have.