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In the Studio: Session Drummer & Tech Support

David is a professional, experienced and versatile studio drummer contact him for scheduling.

David Alderdice, studio drummer, lays drum tracks on his kit in a studio recording session.

Studio Drum Sessions ^

David Alderdice performs a live drum session with Celtic ensemble Feast, one of the many bands that he works with as a performing and recording drummer.

Studio drummer David Alderdice is calm, focused and precise. Reading, writing, and interpreting charts is second nature to him, and with or without a click he is steady and consistent.  He is attentive to the tone and tuning of his drums and can adjust them to suit the situation.  Versatility, dynamics, and creativity  applied with a professional attitude make David a great match for any studio project.



David Alderdice, studio drummer, laying conga tracks in a recording session.David is a seasoned session drummer who’s recorded on dozens of albums ranging throughout many different styles and genres. He has been first call drummer for studios in the D.C., Maryland, Virgina area as well as throughout Colorado and has recorded some in California and the Mid-West.  A few of the cd’s he’s recorded drums and percussion on in addition to his more regular projects are ……. Joe Alan and Isa Caress – EP isaandjoealan.com,  The Strolling Stones – Two Vegans and Like Ripples Across the Pond www.strollingscones.com,  Susan Walton – January Trees www.susanwaltonmusic.com, Bernie Heideman – Words of Wisdom www. bernieheideman.com, Third Stream Giants – www.thirdstreamgiants.com, and Ariana Saraha – Live at Immersive www.arianasaraha.com.


Consulting and tech support ^

David’s drum and percussion expertise can help any recording project go smoothly. Consulting, tech support, mic placement, composition of percussion parts, coaching, and arrangements for studios, recording engineers, music producers, recording artists,singer-songwriters, studio musicians, and bands.