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Session Drummer: In The Studio & Live Concerts


David is a professional, experienced and versatile studio, live concert, and touring drummer and percussionist. He’s capable of precision and improvisation with an authentic feel in many musical styles on many different rhythm instruments. David has trained to be a musical tributary and has dedicated many years to helping different artists fulfill their creative musical visions (be it recording an album or finding their live sound) with deep grooves, simple rhythms, syncopated rhythms, atmospheric textures, dynamic touch, and a great sunk-in time feel. He’s able to learn and chart out music quickly and thoroughly as well as compose and arrange creative drum set, hand drum, percussion, and marimba parts. Contact David to schedule him for a recording session, a live show, or a concert tour.

  • Studio Sessions– Drums and multi-percussion in a wide variety of styles for recording sessions.
  • Touring & Live Shows – David is easy-going, humble, and ready to offer his best on the road.
  • Arrangements & Compositions – Original music and percussion parts; already written or specifically written for songs, scores, symphonies, ensembles
  • Consulting & Tech Support – Resources for those adding drums or percussion to a recording project, album, or concert. Rhythm related tuning / set-up / sound proofing / misc. technical

Studio Sessions^

Studio drummer David Alderdice is calm, focused, and precise. Reading, writing, and interpreting charts and lead sheets are second nature to him, and with or without a click he has a steady and consistent time feel keeping the groove right in the pocket.  He is attentive to the tone and tuning of his drums and can adjust them to suit each individual studio situation.  Versatility, dynamics, active listening, and creativity applied with a professional and jovial attitude make David a great match for any studio project.

David is a seasoned session drummer who’s recorded on dozens of albums ranging throughout many different styles and genres. He has been first call drummer for studios in the D.C., Maryland, Virgina area as well as throughout Colorado and has recorded some in California and the Mid-West. Discography here.


Touring & Live Shows ^

David is a professional touring drummer. He has toured in different musical groups throughout North America and Germany, and has toured the western and mid-western United States of America for the ALLIED Concert Association. David is capable of precision and improvisation in many musical styles on the drumset or on a multi-percussion setup. He learns music quickly via rehearsal, conversation, audio files, charts, or sheet music. David has been averaging around 65 to 105 performances a year.


Arrangements & Compositions^

David composes and arranges written percussion music and percussion parts in many different styles with many different instrumentations, in a variety of settings. He writes drum, percussion, and marimba parts for scores, bands, singer-songwriters, composers, symphonies, ensembles, and any type of project that needs rhythm. David specializes in cadences for marching drumlines, percussion ensemble features for pitched, non-pitched, or found percussion instruments, drumset or percussion parts to compliment your original song or tune, incidental (or non-incidental) music for your film score or video project, and rhythmic accompaniment of any kind.

Consulting and Tech Support ^

David is available for general and /or specific drumming and rhythm help or advice. He will help with the setting up, re-heading, and /or tuning of a drumset, the tuning of hand drums, and the sound proofing of a practice room, rehearsal space, or recording studio. He will even try to help in finding a percussion teacher in your area or finding a percussion player in your area, wherever you might be living. David’s drum and percussion expertise can help any recording project or live production go more smoothly. Consultations on tech support, mic placement, composition of percussion parts, group dynamics, and how to communicate with drummers and percussionists. David will do his best in the answering of any drum, percussion, or rhythm related questions you might have.


“Playing music with David Alderdice is a soulful experience. He understands the value of listening to the music and is always ready for a musical conversation to unfold at any time. His grooves are always on point and creative, and it’s exciting to hear him play.” – Sticky Mulligan

“David is a spectacular drummer, and truly my favorite to work with.  Indeed, working with him is a dream, as he is extremely fast to learn the compositions and compose his parts.  And his memory and attentiveness are unparalleled – I sometimes have to go months without playing with him, and he comes back and plays all the changes as fresh as if he learned them yesterday.  And he’s simply a delicious player – his capacity for craftsmanship and sensitivity sets him apart from all other drummers I’ve worked with.  And most of all, he’s a genuinely caring, joyful, and fun person to work with!” ~Ariana Saraha.