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Short, Snatch-able Bio^

David Alderdice is a father, percussionist, educator, recording artist, performer, and enthusiastic rhythmist. His expertise includes drum set, frame drums, tambourines, marimba ensembles, and auxiliary hand held percussion instruments with a focus in jazz studies, grooveability, and ethnomusicology. He has collaborated with many wonderful artists, musicians, and dancers in a variety of styles, and settings. Founder of the Embodying Rhythm School of Percussive Arts, David offers lessons, classes, workshops, and playshops focusing mainly on the musical, creative, experimental, improvisatory, healing, universal, and interdisciplinary concepts of rhythm. More at www.embodyingrhythm.com.

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Links to Past Press Articles^

Delta County Independent – Fall 2015 download pdf: Good Vibrations – David Alderdice

High Notes – Spring 2013 download pdf: High Notes Spring 2013

“Then there was the drummer who at one point came out along with another percussionist, she looks of Asian decent, and did an intriguing lyrical dialog in Indian. It was great fun and only to the beat of their claps and slaps on their legs. Now that is something you don’t see every day!
David Alderdice is the rebel, at least in his look. He has that combination hippie and guru look and I’ve already mentioned the interesting dialog he did in the show. He did absolutely wonderful work all the way through the show with a nice mix of instruments. He was not alone at times as at one point the other percussionist and even the harpist got into the act. At one point the male dancer came out with a bodhran (now you can’t have an Irish show without one!) and he and David did a bit of a duel. He adds a great flavor to the ensemble that you’ll like.” Mairead Nesbitt, fan forum, March 20, 2011

Vail Daily Feb. 8, 2009www.vaildaily.com/article/20090208/AE/902089990

Montrose Daily Press July 24, 2007 www.montrosepress.com/archives/feast-ensemble-to-perform-celtic-and-american-music-in-special/article_49a19e09-15e0-5b24-8509-14230e974fc0.html


“David is a spectacular drummer, and truly my favorite to work with.  Indeed, working with him is a dream, as he is extremely fast to learn the compositions and compose his parts.  And his memory and attentiveness are unparalleled – I sometimes have to go months without playing with him, and he comes back and plays all the changes as fresh as if he learned them yesterday.  And he’s simply a delicious player – his capacity for craftmanship and sensitivity sets him apart from all other drummers I’ve worked with.  And most of all, he’s a genuinely caring, joyful, and fun person to work with!” – Ariana Saraha

“Playing music with David Alderdice is a soulful experience. He understands the value of listening to the music and is always ready for a musical conversation to unfold at any time. His grooves are always on point and creative, and it’s exciting to hear him play.” – Joe Smith, Sticky Mulligan

“He is a channel of creativity to the heart of rhythm and the muse. Every moment I have been blessed to share on the stage with him has been unique and unforgettable, and it was an honor to have him grace my debut record with his drums and percussion. David Alderdice is a wizard; a kind, gifted and humble human being.” -JoeAlan Meador, Isa and JoeAlan

“I’ve had the pleasure of playing with David in various capacities and he always proves to be dead on and rocking the pocket. He’s easily one of the best drummers I’ve played with in Colorado, or anywhere for that matter.” – Bill Powers, Honey Don’t

“David Alders is a Zen-master on the drums. All feel; in any groove. One of my favorite human drummers and a model human being to boot.” – Rob Miller, Pickin’Productions

“David plays drums and percussion in a completely unique and funky way. He is aware of what needs to be played on any type of song or groove” – Joe Smith, Sticky Mulligan

“Alderdice has been called a wizard of percussion, and magically evokes a full emotional palette from an array of instruments.” – Vail Daily

“Alderdice’s licks on the percussion were texturally appropriate and blending, diplomatically “win-win” and occasionally zen, instead of the usual ear-splitting whack-you!” -Delta County Independent