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Percussion and Drum Lessons

Frame drums are one of the many rhythm and percussion instruments that David Alderdice teaches in individualized drum lessons.

Private Percussion and Drum Lessons^

For people of all ages.

A young percussion student gets a drum lesson on the drum-kit with David Alderdice.All of David’s private lessons have a specialized curriculum for each individual student for where they are at in their rhythmic journey and what their interests and aspirations are. David teaches mainly out of his teaching studio in Hotchkiss, Colorado, but is willing to do house calls on occasion as well as teach a lesson or two before a concert (time permitting) while on tour or traveling through your town.

David offers private rhythm and drum lessons on most percussion instruments and in most styles. The majority of David’s students are presently focusing on marimba, drumset, rhythm theory, stick control, snare drumming, assorted hand percussion, hand drumming, frame drumming, improvisation, deep listening, groovability, and/or solkattu.

Contact David to schedule a custom lesson.

Teaching Philosophy ^

David Alderdice's percussion and drumming lesson philosophy has qualities similar to this photo of ripples in water. He seeks a natural approach to letting the body learn and remember simple patterns that merge to create more complex patterns.David’s teaching philosophy and intention is to help his students find a deeper connection with the universal concepts and creative aspects of music, silence, rhythm, artistic freedom, and the art of learning. By pointing at natural body movement through unlearning tension, and by providing a supportive and fun environment which promotes awareness and growth, David shares with his students all the tools, techniques, and aesthetics needed for students and aspiring musicians to delve deeper into their relationship with music and rhythm. Creating the capacity for his students to embrace the embodiment of these universal, practical, and artistic concepts, David allows them to transform music and rhythm from theories and thought into direct personal experience.

Styles offered ^

David’s drum lessons cover many styles, from standard drum-kit rock to advanced middle-eastern frame drumming. Drumset, frame drums, marimba, hand drums, percussion, and rhythm theory.

FAQ’s ^

  • What ages do you teach? — All ages welcome.
  • Do you teach kids? – Yes, kids are always welcome. They love learning drums and marimba with David. For younger students, David’s focus is to impart a love of music and of learning music while planting rhythmic seeds for future endeavors.
  • What skill levels do you teach? –All skill levels are welcome.
  • Do I need a drum? – Not to start lessons, David has plenty of drums in his studio for use during lessons. If you have your own to practice at home that’s great. David can help you find the right instrument for you.
  • What do you charge? – Depends on location and length of lesson. Discounts for long term commitments. Sliding scale available.
  • How long are lessons, and what is the commitment? – Variable for student’s needs, aspirations, attention span, and willingness to practice.
  • Where do you teach? – David teaches drum lessons in western Colorado at his studio near Hotchkiss. He travels locally and regionally to teach and also takes students if time allows while he is on the road.
  • Why should someone take drum lessons? — Everything in life has a rhythm to it. The more we can notice and tap into these universal rhythms, the more we can be fully in rhythm and in sync with ourselves, each other, our surroundings, our work, our play and the music itself. The deepening of our relationship to rhythm will make every experience that much smoother – be it playing music, painting a picture, dancing, writing a book, building a house, driving a car, walking, talking, listening, traveling, inventing, playing sports, watching stocks, under-water basket weaving, stealing picnic baskets, or whatever it is that we do in life. Being in rhythm enhances all experiences.

Testimonials ^

“As a teacher, David is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, observant, creative and innovative. He cares about his students and meets their individual learning needs as he teaches. David brings his sense of humor along, making his classes fun and relaxing.
In his teaching, David has led me to the understanding that there is a feeling of  joy and goodness, beyond technique, that can come when I bring myself to the drum with a creative, exploring, appreciative attitude.”  ~Jean


Quotes from participants of a 10 week Embodying Rhythm framedrum and rhythmic vocalizations class in Paonia, Colorado…..

— “Great, fun, genius musician. Yay I can drum!”
— “Good teaching – amazing how much I learned, and lots of fun. No pressure. Learning could always be like this!”
— “Had a great time!”
— “This class was very helpful and fun.”
— “I appreciate David’s comprehensive teaching, making rhythm accessible even as the complexity unfolds before us.”