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Musical Projects

marimba project in concertDAVID’S MAIN PROJECTS

David is co-founder, co-director, arranger, composer and main teacher for the North Fork Valley Embodying Rhythm Marimba Project. The Embodying Rhythm Faculty Marimba Ensemble has been gaining momentum and repertoire and is excited to start working on their first full length album in the summer of 2017. Check out the events page for upcoming concerts and workshops. NFV ER Marimba ProjectWe look forward to sharing the fun and inspiring sounds of these marimbas with you. Check out our Embodying Rhythm Marimba Project page for more info on marimbas, marimba lessons, workshops, performances, classes, residencies, and how to get involved playing marimbas.

David Alderdice is the Artistic Director of World Music for the Blue Sage Center for the Arts. David curates three world music concerts a year to the Blue Sage Center for the Arts in Paonia, Colorado. His world music offerings are a part of the Blue Sage Concert Series where Series Artistic Director, Susan Ellinger provides classical music concerts in conjunction with the world music concerts. David tries to bring all the traveling musicians who come through to play on the concert series to visit some of the local schools for musical outreach concerts or participatory music workshops. Visit the Embodying Rhythm World Music Page for information and click here for the Blue Sage link for tickets.

David Alderdice and Friends is a fun musical performance project that David puts together with a bunch of his favorite musicians for occasional concerts to try out his original arrangements of some of his favorite tunes from around the world. He really enjoys trying new and not commonly heard sound combinations and fun timbre pairings with the instrumentation. Most recently manifested as the Musical Caravan Ensemble with Javier de los Santos on classical guitar, Stephanie Mientka on viola, Jeannette Carey on Sousaphone, flute and solkattu, Dave Noe on Trombone, Arlyn Alderdice on marimba, guiro, and solkattu and David on Drumset, Framedrums, Tupan, Melodica, Dumbek, Marimba, Vibraphone, Gong, Solkattu, Bongos, Desk-bells, Handpan, Bull-roarer and other fun sound f/x toys, Caxixi and other shakers, Cowbells, and Castanets. David Alderdice and FriendsDavid is also joined frequently by Dr. Marcin Ardent on violin and Dr. Benjamin deKock, on double bass, along with April Johanesson on bass clarinet, Joseph Mentoni on piano, Tony Peters on Trombone, Mitch Montelegre on double bass, and/or other special guest musicians. They play a variety of music from around the world that’s fun to listen or dance to.

The Gorilla Second Line Squeaky Chair Samba Parade BandDavid Alderdice and Jeannette Carey co-founded and direct the award-winning NFV Community & Parade Band. David plays melodica and drumset for their sit-down performances and, plays snare drum, tri-tone whistle, and melodica for their parade appearances. David arranges much of the music for the group. Rehearsals are Monday nights at the Hotchkiss High School band room and there are currently around 35 members. Formerly the ‘Funky-Gorilla-Second-Line-Squeaky-Chair-Samba-Parade-Band’ which hosted the first three annual Mountain Harvest Festival Participatory Parades, The NFV Community & Parade Band has taken parading on the Western Slope up a few notches with their multi-person parade puppets.If you’d like to join them in parade, or bring them to liven up a parade near you, or if you have any funky parade related questions, contact David. The NFV Community Band would like to thank the Learning Council for their ongoing support of this project.

David is one of the founding members of the classical Celtic world fusion group FEAST. The FEAST ensemble consists of violins, violas, cello, bass, electric piano, pedal harp, drums, and auxiliary percussion as well as Irish dancers and sometimes brass and/or a singerDavid is one of the founding members of the classical Celtic world fusion group FEAST. Starting as a quartet in 2005 featuring violin, cello, electric piano and drumset, the FEAST ensemble now usually consists of violins, violas, cello, bass, electric piano, pedal harp, drums, and auxiliary percussion as well as Irish dancers. Sometimes a brass section, some singers, and/or other types of dancers are added to the show. Based in Colorado, FEAST has done multiple tours throughout the Western and Midwestern United States.as a 14 piece crew consisting of violin, viola, cello, bass, keys, drums, percussion, 2 Irish dancers, lighting guy, sound guy, tech guy, road manager and bus driver. FEAST was featured for a TV special on Rocky Mountain PBS and has toured Europe as both a quartet and a quintet. Check out David’s drumming on FEAST’s CD “Celtica Symphonia” recorded live at the Vilar Center in 2008.  www.musicbyfeast.com

URSA URSA!The greasy New Orleans flavored sounds of the North Fork’s own Grizzly Pears Jazz Band features Lazer Kid-Kotowich on trombone and vocals, Jon Hickam on accordion, guitar, and vocals, Jeannette Carey on sousaphone, and David Alderdice on drums, cymbals, bells, and blocks. Their repertoire consists of a bunch of dirty old New Orleans blues tunes and some Appalachian hollers, with some modern tunes through into the mix. They are sometimes joined by special guests, Lizzy Plotkin on violin and Dylan Fixmer on trumpet. Check out David’s drumming and some of Jon’s original songs on the Grizzly Pears 2016 release, “Apertif”.



3 TinkersLocal Paonia, Colorado projects include the Three Tinkers 3tinkersmusic.com with Greg Cooperman on keys and accordion, Daniel B on bass, Tony Peters on guitar and horns and David Alderdice on drumset.

Sea Stars at AriseDavid, along with Bridget Law (of Elephant Revival) and Dr. Benjamin DeKock (of the Aspen Music Festival) fill out the touring band for the lush, soothing,  healing, and heart-felt rockin’ sounds of Mr. Kurt Baumann and Ms. Katie Gray in the Ojai, California based band, the Sea Stars. www.seastarsmusic.com. Check out David’s drumming on their albums – “The Unknown” 2013 and “Zodiac” 2012.

Another musical project that David enjoys is playing drums, percussion, and melodica in the Sticky Mulligan / David Alderdice Duo as well as playing drums and percussion for the soulful grooves and beautiful harmonies of the Paonia, Colorado based musical group Sticky Mulligan.David plays drums, percussion, and melodica in the Sticky Mulligan / David Alderdice Duo as well as playing drums and percussion for the soulful grooves and beautiful harmonies in the Sticky Mulligan Band when it’s in Colorado. www.stickymulligan.com Check out David’s drumming on Sticky Mulligan’s single – “Rich man.”


David plays regularly with other amazing, fun, and talented artists including the award-winning soulful Americana stylings of the Portland based duo Pretty Gritty www.prettyDavid Alderdice performs a world music concert with Beth Quist at the Paradise Theater in Paonia, Colorado.grittymusic.com, the Near Eastern inspired 4-octave soprano voice of multi-instrumentalist Beth Quist (of Bobby McFarrin’s Voicestra) www.bethquist.com, the neo-tribal jam band from Boulder, TIERRO www.tierro.net, and the souled-out, reggae-infused, flamenco-tinged, bluesy folk-rock sounds of Philadelphia-native Orion Freeman. www.orionfreeman.com.

Craig Childs spoken word performance with David Alderdice on drums at the Paradise Theater in Paonia, Colorado.

David enjoys creating live sound effects, percussives, and soundscapes for multi-media presentations led by the adventurer, story-teller, and author Craig Childs www.houseofrain.com. David also presents percussively themed based concerts collaborating with other percussionists including Jon Seligman (professor at Mc Daniel Collage, Towson University) www.globalpercussiontrio.com, Aaron Jerad (permaculturalist, didgeridoo player and percussionist), www.northforkpermaculture.com, as well as members from the Colorado, Grand Junction, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Baltimore Symphony Orchestras.

David loves the union of movement and sound and has enjoyed accompanying, collaborating, and performing with many dancers including Belly Dance troupes, Modern Dance departments and performance groups, African Dance classes and performance groups, Irish Step teams, western Tap Dancers, Flamenco Dancers, poi and staff Fire Dancers, Ballet companies, Dances of Universal Peace gatherings, Five-Rhythms workshops, as well as Ecstatic Dance, Embodiment Dance, and Avant-Garde movement events.

Celebrate the BeatDavid is a guest musician and occasional guest musical director for the Celebrate the Beat dance program which is a non-profit organization bringing special dance classes (with live musicians in each class) to get 1st through 8th graders in the public schools of Colorado, New York, and Mexico movin’ their bodies. Celebrate the Beat (CTB) is sponsored by the National Dance Institute. www.ctbeat.org.

David has been on the board of directors for the North Fork Valley based 501(c)3 non-profit The Learning Council, which is a community organization supporting lifelong learning and education as a resource for everyone. The Learning CouncilThe Learning Council provides complimentary educational options, celebrating the Arts and agriculture, stimulating creativity, and enriching local culture. For more info on TLC visit thelearningcouncil.org. The Learning Council is a big supporter of the Embodying Rhythm Marimba Project as well as The North Fork Valley Community & Parade Band which is co-directed by Jeannette Carey and David Alderdice. The Band meets every Monday evening at the Hotchkiss High School Band Room.

David has played with different theatre companies and has played drums and percussion in pit bands and orchestras off and on since 1996. His  performances include, The Nutcracker, Carmina Burana, West Side Story, Godspell, Pirates of Penzance, Crazy for You, You’re a good man, Charlie Brown, Seussical the Musical, and many others.

David has been a session drummer on dozens of albums ranging throughout many different styles and genres and has been first call drummer for recording studios in the D.C., Maryland, Virgina area as well as throughout Colorado. For a discography click here.


A stack of frame drums and other small percussion in the studio of David Alderdice.