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David Alderdice

David Alderdice drummer, percussionist, teacher, touring musician and studio drummer.

  • Bio – David is a professional musician, drummer, percussionist, and rhythm enthusiast based in Colorado.
  • Influences – Teachers, musical styles and other influential forces on David’s evolution as a rhythmist.


david alderdiceDavid is incredibly in love with the process of delving deeper into conscious relationship with sound and silence. The relationship of how they interact and communicate and dance through motion and stillness within the infinite vastness of space and time has fascinated David ever since he can remember.  He is a rhythmist.  He enjoys learning, internalizing, exploring, sharing, playing, and experimenting with different rhythms and sensibilities from different cultures and traditions from around the world and applying them to his passion and study of the drumset, percussion, frame drums, marimbas, vocalizations, body percussion, ethno-musicology, groovability, visual arts, nature, silence, and the music itself.

When David is not busy teaching percussion workshops, performing or practicing, he sometimes rides a bicycle.David was born in New Orleans and this human journey has also had him living on both coasts of North America, on the plains in Middle America, and in the Shenandoah Valley before bringing him to be living more and more sustainably in the North Fork Valley (near Paonia and Hotchkiss), on the western slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in 2003.

David Alderdice musician portrait.

Self-applied musical study.

After taking summer music classes at the University of North Texas when he was seventeen, David decided that he didn’t want the bureaucracy and competition or the debt of a major music school, so he went to Montgomery Collage (a community college in Maryland) taking some music and anthropology classes, but mainly taking art classes.  By putting a lot of his focus on applying all of the artistic universal concepts, aesthetics, and mysticisms of the different art mediums he was studying in school into the different musical projects he was involved in – he seemed able to meet Music on its own terns, in its own creative realm. Ever since then, he has been learning as much as possible by attending private lessons, workshops, and classes while putting himself through a self-applied musical study of different rhythms and sensibilities from around the world and the uses and applications of intermingling sound and silence into sonic soundscapes and infectious grooves.


David Alderdice enjoying two of his favorite things, hiking in the Colorado mountains and playing the frame drum.Recently David has become a proud papa and has been enjoying all the life lessons inherent in having such an amazing being for a son. He has also been learning and sharing tunes on the marimba, playing different frame drums (especially the lap style frame drum and the Brazilian pandeiro), “reciting” solkattu (south Indian rhythmic vocalization patterns), playing with shakers, practicing the drumset, and sharing different ideas, concepts, and feelings on rhythm and drumming through workshops, lessons, and classes. David also enjoys spending time in the back-country of Colorado’s mountains; gardening, planting trees, learning about permaculture, and always striving to be present with whatever arises.,David takes a break from drumming to enjoy hiking and camping in the Colorado mountains near his home in the area of Paonia and Hotchkiss. and trying to be present with whatever arises.


David tries to find teachers wherever he goes.  “Just as the whole world is a drum, everyone is my teacher” he says. He has had the pleasure of studying privately with some really great teachers as well as attending many informative clinics and workshops to learn the following instruments and musical sensibilities …


One of the many specialized drum sets that David uses in his various projects.Frances Thompson* (stick control /rhythm theory /four-limb coordination), Jon Seligman* (rhythm theory /world rhythms), Ed Soph* (jazz sensibilities /limb interdependence), Robert Jospe* (Cuban, Brazilian, and Caribbean styles), Steve Lawrence* (latin / jazz), Gary Chaffee (linear concepts), Billy Cobham (modern and progressive styles), Dom Famularo (general drumming concepts), Steve Houghton (jazz and pop), Adam Dietch (funk), Zoro (R&B), Larry Bright (double bass drumming), Will Rapp (snaredrum / drumline).

Hand Drums:

David Alderdice playing the frame drume while walking on the beach.

David on a rhythm-walk by the ocean.

Jon Seligman* (frame drums), Layne Redmond* (tambourines /frame drums), Pejaman Hadidi* (Iranian tombek and daff), N. Scott Robinson*  (frame drums), John Bell* (North Indian tabla), Marla Leigh* (tabla), Andy Skellenger* (tabla), Faisal Zedan* (riq /Persian sensibilities), Glen Velez (frame drums /solkattu /overtone singing), David Kuchermann (frame drum), Miranda Rondeau (melodic voice w/ frame drum), Bruno Spagna (Italian tamburello), Abbos Kosimov (Uzbekistani doyra), Clarice Castilho (Brazilian pandeiro), Brad Dutz (Brazilian pandeiro), Pejman Hadidi (Persian daff), Naghmeh Farahmand (Iranian daff and tombek), Randy Gloss (South Indian kanjira), Thomas Zirkle (riq)

* These are teachers that David has taken private lessons with throughout the years.

Marimba and Music Theory:

Drumset and sheet music that David uses in his continuing study of music theory.Musekiwa Chingodza (marimba / mbira / hosho  / Zimbabwean sensibilities), Peter Swing (African marimba ensemble), Dennis Gordan (piano), Lori Cotler (solkattu), Beth Quist (Indian raga / vocals), Ward Harris, Mark Cook, Jesse Memman, and Brain Cardany (jazz sensibilities), Lenny White and Buster Williams (jazz rhythm section), Barry Mitterhoff (mandolin), Bill Hollin (orchestral and symphonic sensibilities / classical guitar)

Other Rhythm and Embodiment:

A silloutte of a hi-hat.Kenny Werner (effortless mastery), Ward Harris (love of life through jazz music /deep listening), Joanne Hammil and Sue Rubato (teaching music to children), Randy Sabian (Improvisation), Koto drummers (Japanese tiako drumming), Mel Allard (tap dancing),  Vickie Dodd (sacred sound as a body work), Amy Williams* (aruvedic yoga), Adyashanti (satsang), as well as others.


Active listening, internal searching, present awareness, music, silence and nature are also some of David’s great teachers.