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Living Rhythm Essences

These essences are mixed with love and appreciation of the growing world. The plants are grown organically at the Living Rhythm farm and the essences are created right in the garden. Then the essences are mixed with Brandy to preserve them.

Available at the Trading Post in Paonia, CO.

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Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: A mix of six different flowers:

  • burdock – releases old anger and helps to release heavy metals
  • calendula – helps with communication and appropriate boundaries
  • lamb’s ears – strength and softness – sensitive and protected
  • lavender – higher self integrating with the personality – emotional balance and opens blocks to the spiritual path
  • rabbitbrush – helps with focused attention as well as ability to see the “big picture”
  • wild sweet pea – creates emotional stability and a commitment to life

Each of these flowers are known for the different healing properties listed above, and together they are good as a full being tonic – take 2 drops 2 times daily, or as needed. This helps to sooth the nervous, electrical and emotional systems, balance the whole being, release what is no longer needed and stabilize new energetic awareness with grace and ease.

spring fruit tree blossom mix

Moving On

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